Three Lessons Learned on the Red Clay of Kay County

Friday, August 25, 2017

Many moons back, my grandpa and I would go angling in our downtime. We were angling when I was not cutting his yard, cleaning drains, helping move a classical dresser, having breakfast at McDonald's with him and pals, or wiping out one of his structures. Growing up, we hung out. In August of 1999 I moved from Oklahoma to Minnesota. It's a choice I am appreciative for yet losing the closeness to family and companions made it trying, particularly from the get-go.

Each youngster needs a guide; for me that individual was Robert K. Smith. He joined the Army in October 1946 and served in the 32nd infantry regiment in Seoul, Korea. He stayed there for 15 months. He was a light truck driver and pulled supplies over the 38th parallel. The designs he got were the Bronze Star Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Army of Occupation Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, Honorable Service Lapel catch WWII, and the Sharpshooter Badge with rifle bar.

In March 1948 he was decently released and come back to the fields where he met Mildred (my grandmother). At the time he worked for his close relative and uncle building sleeping cushions. In 1953 he opened a furniture reclamation shop and in 1974 bought a furniture store. This was the introduction of the privately-owned company Smith Home Furnishings.

The recurrence of angling expanded when I would come back from Minnesota to Oklahoma. Deliberate discussion occurred on the banks of the Chikaskia River, Lake Ponca, and Kaw Lake. It appears like yesterday that he would offer exhortation about popping the school spook between the eyes on the play area, how work never hurt a man, and if some espresso cost more than $.50 it was excessively. He has been away for about 7 years however the astuteness presented has been filed.

There is one August day I will always remember. On this hot morning we chose to catfish in a lake claimed by cousins (mother's side) outside Tonkawa, OK. We drove 20 minutes west on the byways of Kay County. A moving toward vehicle ahead would make a red tinted exhaust cloud that would make driving for all intents and purposes unimaginable until the point when we passed. When we arrived, we opened a steel door and drove down to the lake. We escaped his F-150, strolled to the lake, and sat our handle on the south side of the water. In the wake of getting our apparatuses set we started hitting pleasant estimated catfish (5-10 lbs). At that point we moved toward the west side of the lake which required strolling through cattails. Before long, a cottonmouth water slipper crawled by us. We recognized it's quality and kept angling. About a moment later we saw huge snakes, little snakes, fat snakes, and thin snakes swimming towards shore. We had infringed a snake settle on the banks of the lake. He discovered this scene hilarious yet I had asked for to clear out. We just had one issue; we needed to get the handle on the south side. This required strolling through knee high cattails which adventitiously was the snake settle. His favored technique to "alarm" the snakes was to take his angling rod post and wash it through the brush and energetically stroll through. Obviously, he conveyed the handle back to the truck.

He passed away in 2010; it was a miserable time for our family. We knew he was in a marvelous place however childishly knew his nonappearance would leave a void in our lives. I miss our discussions and he was forever my telephone a companion when I was in an imbroglio. For the present post I have chosen to expound on the three most profitable suggestions he gave to me amid our 30 years together.

Wed somebody who shares a comparative esteem framework and life objectives

Marriage is not transitory! It is critical to spend whatever remains of your existence with somebody who has a similar idea of life. I am no master however have been hitched 11 years. Despite the amount you cherish your companion there will be periodic contradictions.

Trustworthiness, diligent work, and train were three esteems I gained from grandpa. I trust his confidence in God and acting it out is the reason those three esteems were most clear in him. Have you ventured in Barnes and Noble and seen the self improvement segment? It. Is. Colossal! Step by step instructions to win companions, 7 propensities for exceedingly viable individuals, the energy of positive living, Women who cherish excessively, I could go on until the end of time. Our rationality has dependably been to depend on one self improvement guide which trains on bringing up youngsters, happiness, perplexity, teach, pardons, disappointment, fear, defining objectives, appreciation, melancholy, trust, honesty, occupation, equity, lying, cash, marriage, dismissal, sex, and enticement. This book can be obtained for $20 and the title is straightforward: Bible.

Religion, giving, sparing, planning, kids, retirement, closeness, legislative issues, and the past can be relationship executioners. I am not upholding you spend whatever is left of your existence with somebody who sees each of these simply like you however you better be in agreement and acknowledge every others considerations and sentiments. The key is correspondence.

Spend short of what you make

The anecdotal character Wilkins M. from the Dicken's novel David Copperfield said the accompanying, "Yearly pay twenty pounds, yearly use nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result satisfaction. Yearly wage twenty pounds, yearly use twenty pounds nothing and six, result wretchedness". Grandpa said it thusly, "Make a point to spend short of what you gain."

You can't out procure your idiocy and it is basic to live underneath your methods. Have you at any point asked why such a significant number of expert competitors or companions who pull substantial earnings battle with funds? It is on account of they don't spending plan, can't out win their ineptitude, and can't defer satisfaction! They need what mother and father have and they need it at the present time regardless of the possibility that it took mother and father 60 years to get it. They likewise need what all their broke companions have; materialistic trifles.

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